Our group was founded in 1996 by a bunch of experienced young cavers, nicknamed; Gambesz, Réka, Bubba, Hőmi and Levi. For its future the next, most important step was when a great group of youngsters fresh from “basic cavers course” joined GUBACS and established its real future in 1998.

Teaching, research and expedition

Since that the main principle of the group is to share with people our confession for caves, and our love for nature. We organise cave tours not only for our own entertainment but for any people or groups who are interested in this activity, in hope that more and more people will enjoy this lovely sport. To rise interest, we organise cavers courses in different levels, guide school groups and individuals.

GUBACS also has its share in researches, makes maps and joins in researches of other groups.

Borders don’t limit GUBACS’s activity! We organise tours to caves in abroad and also expeditions separately or joined with other caver’s clubs in places like Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Italy, France, Spain.

Success of the group is proved by many prices they won in Caver’s Championships.

Jolly good atmosphere is always guaranteed on these events!

Caves in Hungary are considered to be strictly protected areas, therefore visiting them is getting more and more difficult. Only Hungarian Cave Guides can get permit and key for caves.

If you would like to come and have a great cave trip in Hungary GUBACS always happily welcomes cavers from abroad and gives any needed help and information. You can send email for: Gabi Jassó – info@gubacs.hu